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About Us

In 1990, Priscilla and her husband left the financial industry to start their own business. They opened a small gourmet shop in their neighborhood on 57th Street in NYC called Priscilla's Place.

They sold muffins, pastries, croissants and other baked goods for breakfast. Baked potatoes, quiches and pasta salads for lunch. The people in the neighborhood loved the store and it became a part of their community. Customers included CBS news staff, 60 Minutes personnel, daytime talk show workers, and soap operas' cast & crew.  


They decided to expand the breakfast menu by adding Priscilla's carrot muffins. In the morning the scent of the cinnamon, as the muffins baked, would waft up 57th Street and lure the customers in. The carrot muffins quickly became the crowd favorite and sold out every day. Priscilla's sister noticed how popular they had become and suggested she should start marketing her cakes.

Store front.png

She returned to the financial industry and continued with her successful secure career, but she always felt she had not given her carrot cake business an opportunity to grow.


After the death of her husband, and taking time off to regroup and reflect, she retired from the financial industry and put all her efforts into making her carrot cake business a reality.


With the encouragement of her family and friends Priscilla's Just a Bunch of Carrots was created.

Her parents both moved from Puerto Rico to NYC in the early 1950's and met & married in the Bronx where Priscilla grew up. All five siblings attended their neighborhood Catholic elementary school, St. Athanasius.


Priscilla was the only one from her school to pass the entrance exam to the Bronx High School of Science, a public magnet, specialized high school for gifted students. Bronx Science is one of only two secondary schools in the world that can claim to have educated eight Nobel laureates, seven of them in Physics.

She received a full scholarship to New York University and majored in Finance and International Business. After graduating she started her career at Merrill Lynch and worked throughout the financial industry for over 30 years. 

A collage of memories....

Currently, Priscilla is the sole owner and employee of Just a Bunch of Carrots, and the food industry has now become her home and something she has grown to love and enjoy.


It incorporates her appreciation of quality flavorful food, and her artistic and creative traits.

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