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 "OMG! The cookies are like eating a little slice of carrot cake."

"F⭐️ you and your f⭐️in' cookies!

I can’t stop eating them!”

Ken L.

Evelyn A.

"I have know Priscilla from the time she had her shop in NYC. She created an environment that was welcoming, friendly, delightful & completely professional. I’m sure she will continue to do so with Just a Bunch of Carrots. That’s just the way Priscilla is, always delivering her best. BTW, her carrot cake is simply heavenly!!!”


Elisabeth S.

Maria C.

"This sets the bar for all other carrot cakes."

Major Juan A. - US Army JAG Corps

 Your website looks great. Very professional and easy to navigate. I can also vouch for just how good your carrot cake and cookies are they both are terrific. My husband, who is a bit of a carrot cake snob, said yours was the best he’s ever had. 

 Alison S.

"Muy rico, se sienten los ingredientes y es super esponjoso y moist! Las galletas también son deliciosas, me encantó su consistencia y que se aprecian los pedacitos de zanahoria natural."

Mariangeles C.

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